Searches at the Land Registry

This service is useful to obtain information of a property owned in Spain in cases of Debt Recoveries, Divorce Procedures etc. It provides confirmation that the property is registered in the Land Registry and the name of the registered owner. It will also reveal if there are any charges or liabilities attached to the property.

This service includes:

  • Application for information from Land Register.
  • The translation of the documents obtained, and the cost of forwarding.

The information required to carry out this service are as follows:

  • Full address of the property (house number or name, road name, town, post code)
  • Previous owners's full name or company name
  • Identification number of owner (CIF, NIF, Passport)
  • Any other details of the property's registration (if available)

The more information that you are able to provide, the quicker it is to find the relevant registration and check that there are no problems.

The cost of this service includes the request for the above mentioned information from the Land Registry Office. It also includes the translation of the information obtained for forwarding to our client.