Our conveyance service includes the following:

  • We will complete searches on any issue which is relevant to the purchase of the property such as a search for information on the developer, the vendor. Also a search on the legal status of the property will be undertaken which will assure you of no complications and enable you to decide on the purchase.
  • We will represent you and meet either the vendor or his Lawyers to agree the terms and conditions of the purchase of the property ensuring that they comply with the laws.
  • If the owner of the property is non resident we will ensure that any deposit on the property remains in the account of the vendors Lawyer here in Spain until the purchase is completed.
  • We will arrange the meeting and all the documents required in order to complete the purchase before the Notary. Our service could also include, if necessary, the preparation of the Power of Attorney translated and legalized which would give the authority to a third party to purchase the property on your behalf. Our representative, your Lawyer, would be present when signing the documents to complete the purchase.
  • Once the purchase is completed the next step is to ensure that the deeds are registered correctly in the corresponding local Land Registry Office free from any charges or liabilities, free from tenants or occupants. At this stage any relevant taxes with regard to the purchase of the property must be paid.

Advocats Abogados can assist in obtaining a mortgage or a loan to enable you to buy the property. This could either be an approval before the purchase not affecting in any way any payment facility offered by the vendor or developer. Read more about arranging a mortgage in Spain.

All foreigners owning a property in Spain should have an NIE number. This is a fiscal identification number which we would obtain for you. Read more about the Spanish NIE.